three siblings, one solution.

Hi! We are Jordan, Alden and Will, the three siblings behind JAW Media. JAW Media is a full service social media marketing company based on 30A in the Florida Panhandle and Nashville, Tennessee. We specialize in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, creating custom social media marketing strategy for your brand.

Social media is crucial for driving sales and for the growth of your brand. We handle all the digital details of marketing your brand through photography, custom social media marketing strategy and full-service management. We give you one cohesive and consistent marketing plan for your brand and more time to run your business. Win, win.

JAW Media was born after a weekend in Dallas when Alden and Will flew to assist Jordan with a client project. During that weekend, we saw how well we worked together and how our individual and unique talents were able to make a bigger impact and create better work as a team, rather than on our own. One year later, JAW Media was born. The name, JAW Media, came easily since our parents often referred to us as JAW (Jordan, Alden, Will) as a nickname growing up. 

We work with every type of business, from 30A to Nashville, and beyond.

Interested in working with us? Send us an email: hello@jawsocialmedia.com